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T.A.G. Visits Five Star Cleaners in San Antonio, TX

The Tuchman Advisory Group met @ Five Star Cleaners in San Antonio, TX hosted by Richard and Sharlene Thum on February 5-7, 2020. We welcomed two new members attending their first TAG meeting: Mike and Darlene Micciche of Mike’s Eagle Cleaners in Rochester, NY and Mark Porter of Porter’s Cleaners inShreveport, LA.

We toured the impressive Five Star Cleaner Operation. Highlights include visit to a recently remodeled Drop Store with lockers, the Main Plant, and their Wedding Gown Division.

Richard Thum, President of Five Star Cleaners offered the following, “It is very beneficial having other dry cleaners evaluate what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. The fact that they understand the business helps when you are so deep in the forest you often cannot see the trees. It can be nerve-racking having fellow dry cleaners go through your plant as they know exactly what to point out. I am thankful to Tuchman Advisory Group for their constructive input.”

Our fast-paced meeting also featured:

  • · Richard and Sharlene arranged a special visit of Division Commercial Laundry Company. We enjoyed a wonderful tour and presentation by Patrick Garcia, President/Owner.

  • · TAG member’s critique of Five Star Cleaners.

  • · Bruce Frankel, Managing Partner @ Eckhoff Wealth Management led our discussion on company numbers.

  • · Ed Howie, President @ BTY Creative gave a presentation on Five Star Cleaners advertising and other marketing concepts.

  • · All TAG members submitted their company 2020 goals.

Ellen Tuchman Rothmann, President of TAG was pleased to present a copy of the recently published book about industry leader, legendary Diamond Award winner, and TAG Founder Sid Tuchman entitled, Well Played! The Life and Times of Sid Tuchman. She stated to TAG members, “our family is honored that you have allowed the Sid Tuchman legacy to continue to grow and prosper. Our hope is that this book will be an inspiration for all”.

TAG Group Photo

Front row, left to right:

Donavan Davis (Five Star/San Antonio, TX), Mary Combs (Judi’s/Sacramento, CA), Darlene Micciche (Mike’s Eagle/Rochester,NY), Jana Janssen (Green Earth Martinizing/Santa Fe, NM), Ellen Tuchman Rothmann (Tuchman Advisory Group), Lee Makepeace (Medlin-Davis, North/Raleigh, NC), Chris Billoni (Colvin/Buffalo, NY), Kevin Houston (Crest/Cocoa, FL), Bruce Frankel (Eckhoff Wealth/San Rafael,CA)

Back row, left to right:

David Makepeace (Medlin-Davis, North/Raleigh, NC), Ben Combs(Judi’s/Sacramento, CA), Mark Porter (Porters/Shreveport,LA), Mike Micciche (Mike’s Eagle/Rochester,NY), Sharlene and Richard Thum(Five Star/San Antonio, TX), Rick Kirksey (Munro/Beaumont, TX), Michael Jones (Highland/Louisville, KY), Gary Futterman (Flair/Los Angeles,CA), Drew Singer (Flair/Los Angeles,CA)

Members not pictured:

Paul & Cyndee Billoni (Colvin Cleaners/Buffalo, NY), Keith Houston (Crest/Cocoa, FL), Grant Carson (Martinizing/Alameda, CA), Brett Allan (Medlin-Davis, South/Raleigh, NC),

Bill Munro (Munro/Beaumont, TX), Karl Schulte (Reid's/Austin, TX), Heath Bolin (Sparkle/Tucson)


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