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T. A.G. Meeting @ Reid’s Cleaners in Austin, TX ~ November 3-5, 2021


For the first time in almost two years due to the pandemic, Tuchman Advisory Group met in person @ Reid’s Cleaners in Austin, TX. The meeting was hosted by Karl Schulte on November 3-5, 2021.

In her welcoming remarks, Ellen Rothmann, President of TAG stated, “I want to thank you for your participation over these last 18 months. Whether it was being in our weekly zoom calls, using our group email thread to answer member questions, or just taking a phone call from a fellow TAG member, these were all important in the midst of the pandemic. The mutual support, interaction, and exchange of ideas that I witnessed has been inspiring during this unbelievable stressful period in our business and personal lives.”

Highlights of the meeting included; a tour of Reid’s Cleaners locations, a critique of Reid’s Cleaners operations, and hearing company presentations from all of our members. A most informative YTD financial analysis was facilitated by our consultant Bruce Frankel, Managing Partner @ EWM in San Rafael, CA. We had the opportunity to tour Cobbler Direct, an on-line shoe, handbag, and belt refinishing company. We enjoyed learning about and touring their first class and very impressive operation. Our guest speaker was Andrew Underwood, Distributor @ Covers Etc. Inc. He gave an in-depth presentation on his products and their value to our members. Host Karl Schulte remarked, “I have been in this business for ten years and learn so much from members of TAG. The site visits are fun and help improve my business tremendously”.

If you are interested in more information about Tuchman Advisory Group, please contact Ellen Rothmann (

Tuchman Advisory Group ~ @ Reid’s Cleaners in Austin, TX

November 3-5, 2021 (GroupPhoto)

Back Row (L to R): Lee Makepeace (Medlin-Davis/North), Ben Combs (Judi’s Cleaners), Bob Singer (Flair Cleaners), Richard Thum (Five Star Cleaners), Cyndee Billoni (Colvin Cleaners), Sharlene Thum (Five Star Cleaners), Erica Billoni (Colvin Cleaners), Grant Carson (Martinizing-Alameda), Heath Bolin (Sparkle Cleaners), Drew Singer (Flair Cleaners), Karl Schulte (Reid’s Cleaners).

Front Row (L to R): David Makepeace (Medlin-Davis.North), Dana Boudin (Sparkle Cleaners),

Paul Billoni (Colvin Cleaners), Ellen Rothmann (Tuchman Advisory Group), Veronica Cruz (Reid’s Cleaners), Jana Janssen (Martinizing Green Earth), Mary Combs (Judi’s Cleaners).

Not Pictured: Crest Cleaners, Highland Cleaners, Medlin-Davis.South, Mike’s Eagle Cleaners, Porter’s Cleaners & Laundry.


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