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Highland Cleaners in Louisville, KY - September 28-30, 2016

The Tuchman Advisory Group had a great meeting at Highland Cleaners in Louisville, KY. Our hosts, Michael Jones and Anne Nash impressed us with their operation. We went to Highland Cleaners central plant & main plant offices, a drop store that is a LEED certified green building owned and developed by Michael Jones. Highlights included reclaimed wood floors from a barn, water permeable pavers, flat roof top solar screens and a rainwater harvesting system. We visited United Parcel Service's airline and air cargo service facility based in Louisville for an amazing tour. Rick Herndon, VP Sales & Marketing of Stry-Lenkoff Company was our guest speaker. His presentation was entitled “More than just a tag company”. Our meeting also included critique of host dry cleaner stores, presentations by each member company, in-depth financial analysis and open discussion.

Back Row (L to R): Keith Houston (Crest Cleaners), Drew Singer (Flair Cleaners),

Kevin Houston (Crest Cleaners), Dave Coyle (In The Bag Cleaners), Brett Allen (Medlin-Davis/South), Gary Futterman (Flair Cleaners), Terry Quinn (MW Cleaners), Michael Jones (Highland Cleaners).

Front row (L to R):

Chuck Haddox (MW Cleaners), Anne Nash (Highland Cleaners), Todd Watkins (Martinizing),

Ellen Rothmann (Tuchman Advisory Group), Jana Janssen (Martinizing Green Earth Cleaners),

David Makepeace (Medlin-Davis Cleaners/North)

Not pictured: Paul and Chris Billoni (Colvin Cleaners), Peter Bergmann (Bergmann’s Cleaning),

Heath Bolin (Sparkle Cleaners), Rick Kirksey (Munro Cleaners).

2. UPS Facility

(L to R): Todd Watkins (Martinizing), Kevin Houston (Crest Cleaners), Dave Coyle (In The Bag Cleaners), Drew Singer (Flair Cleaners), Brett Allen (Medlin-Davis/South), Keith Houston (Crest Cleaners)

TAG members extended their visit in Louisville for some sightseeing. Our hosts arranged horse racing at Churchill Downs, tours at Three Chimneys Horse Farm, Ashford Stud Horse Farm and Woodford Reserve Bourbon Distillery. It was especially exciting to have our photo taken with a true celebrity, American Pharoah!

Back Row (L to R): Tom Nash, Chuck Haddox (MW Cleaners), Terry Quinn (MW Cleaners), Michael Jones (Highland Cleaners), Lee and David Makepeace (Medlin-Davis Cleaners/North), Gary Futterman (Flair Cleaners), Zach Futterman

Middle Row (L to R): Anne Nash (Highland Cleaners), Gage, Bev Futterman, Erin

Front row (L to R): Caitlyn, Seated: Kari Quinn, Jana Janssen (Martinizing Green Earth Cleaners),

Ellen Rothmann (Tuchman Advisory Group), Abby

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