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Sparkle Cleaners Meeting, February 4-6, 2015

Highlights included visits to Sparkle Cleaners main plant and dry store locations, developed 2015 attainable and stretch goals, book review of “The CEO Code” by David Rohlander, a visit to the PIMA Air & Space Museum and went on the “Aircraft Boneyard Tour” at the neighboring Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Photo Description:

Back Row (L to R): Dave Coyle (In The Bag Cleaners), Bruce Squires (Martinizing Green Earth Cleaners), Chuck Haddox (MW Cleaners), Ron Garrett (MW Cleaners),Heath Bolin (Sparkle Cleaners)

Middle Row (L to R): Gary Futterman (Flair Cleaners), Drew Singer (Flair Cleaners), Anne Nash (Highland Cleaners),Jana Janssen (Martinizing Green Earth Cleaners),Sid Tuchman (Tuchman Training Systems), Ellen Rothmann (Tuchman Training Systems),

Peter Bergmann (Bergmann Cleaners).

Front row (L to R): Keith Houston (Crest Cleaners), Chris Billoni (Colvin Cleaners), Rick Kirksey (Munro Cleaners), Paul Billoni (Colvin Cleaners),

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