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Colvin Cleaners Meeting, June 18-20, 2014

Tuchman Training System’s National Management Cost Group was hosted by Colvin Cleaners in Buffalo, NY from June 18-20, 2014. Founded by Sid Tuchman, T.T.S. continues to be a leader in defining our industry. The group toured the Colvin Cleaner operation. They visited Watson’s Candy Factory and Russell’s Grand Hotel and heard presentations by the owners on customer service. Professor Harold Starr from the Operations and Management Department at the University of Buffalo Business School and author of Chicken & Pigs, Business Models and Competitive Strategy delivered the conference keynote. The group welcomed a new member, Dave Coyle of In The Bag Cleaners from Wichita, KS. T.T.S. will meet next in San Francisco in October.

Back row: Gary Futterman/Flair Cleaners, Peter Bergmann/Bergmann Cleaners, Chuck Haddox/MW Dry Cleaners, Kevin Houston/Crest Cleaners, Dave Coyle/In The Bag Cleaners, Bruce Squires/Martinizing Green Earth, Rick Kirksey/Munro Dry Cleaning, Drew Singer/Flair Cleaners

Front Row: Paul Billoni/Colvin Cleaners, Ellen Rothmann/T.T.S., Marvin Spanier/MW Dry Cleaners, Gary Fine/Parker Cleaners, /Chris Billoni/Colvin Cleaners, Tiffaney Slaughter-Taylor/Munro Dry Cleaning, Jana Janssen/ Martinizing Green Earth, Cyndee Billoni/ Colvin Cleaners, Erica Billoni/Colvin Cleaners

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