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Scheduled Meetings


The cost group convenes for three 3-day meetings a year. Each meeting takes place in a member's city where we tour and critique their plant, plus offer observations. During the meeting days, each member delivers a brief presentation on the state of affairs of his/her business.  We also exchange ideas, compare sales and production reports, make recommendations, and learn how to satisfy our mission statement.



Offered to members to determine cost savings and profit margins. TAG compiles and generates monthly and year-to-date comparison financial statements across all member businesses.  Through analysis and discussion around these documents, companies can focus on achieving labor, supply and utility cost savings, and detect profit margin problems early to eradicate possible issues.

Fiscal Analysis


Members engage in a rigorous analysis of one another's businesses. The interchange of valuable information and collegiality among group members inspires and leads to improved performance. 

Constructive Criticism


Is the key to increasing market share. Drycleaners must be driven by the needs of our customers.  We understand that in our competitive business environment, we must consistently learn different ways to attract new customers, measure customer loyalty, identify unhappy customers and develop customer advocates. By using targeted customer satisfaction programs our companies achieve unparalleled professional success. 

Customer Satisfaction


Delegate and develop strategy, manage business objectives. Issues that are addressed include the best way to delegate, create a business plan, develop business strategies, train a successor, and future planning. Guest speakers are brought in as needed to speak on various topics. We compare notes on ways and methods to grow through diversification, such as uniform rental, pick-up and delivery services, shoe repair and more.

Business Development

We help each other to develop promotional, advertising and social media marketing plans. These plans consist of organic, geotargeted content strategically placed across ultiple social media platforms. Garnering followers, likes and interaction are key to a sound online marketing campaign. 

Employee Management


Help with developing a superior workforce. We support our dry cleaning companies to nurture the best in their employees. Members share ideas on new ways to search, recruit, train, compensate, boost morale, develop, appraise and retain employees.


A significant benefit is the camaraderie among the businesses in our management group. TAG members enjoy the experience of being with peers to share their best and worst practices.  We help each other solve problems and develop new ideas with our combined experience, talents and resources.  The high standard of confidentiality that we adhere to is what makes our group a success.

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